Utility for the Soul is a meditative interactive puzzle experience based on Lithuanian-American environment artist Aleksandra Kasuba’s concept for what she called the Retreat House. It was intended to be a unique, utopian facility for use by large corporations to give overworked employees a fresh perspective and rejuvenate them.

Take the role of the revitalization manager of the Retreat House and guide the visiting workers by interacting with various mechanisms hidden from plain sight. Touch, hold, or drag features in order to refresh the tired employees’ souls and prepare them for their return to the office.

The game aims to portray Aleksandra Kasuba’s vision through an interactive medium. Interaction turns the passive observer into an active participant, shifting their perception of contemporary art. It brings the utopian ideas of Kasuba into the real world and enables them to be experienced firsthand.

  • Interactive puzzle experience. 
  • Meditative, soothing atmosphere.
  • Original utopian narrative.
  • 11 rooms to explore, each with a unique elemental puzzle.
  • Playable in English and Lithuanian languages.

Available on iOS, Android, PC and MAC

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