In the wild American midwest, a desert community is running out of living juice. Four families send their beloved sons and daughters to the last standing tower full of precious water supply. Dear Uncle Sam won't help them. This time the desert kids are on their own, till' the last drop! Will you bring the water home or let your family down while playing in the dirt?

The game was created during Global Game Jam 2019 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Theme of the year - What home means to you?

  • 2-4 player madness - show some love to your thirsty neighbours!
  • Racing trucks - take pride in roaming the great iron beasts!
  • Original soundtrack - bringing back your homely memories!
  • Pump water out of the tower - and leave nothing to your rivals!
  • Bring the water home - and survive in the thirsty desert!

Game jam version available on PC and MAC