A small mobile game about growing mushrooms as far as possible. An annual race of shrooms is taking place in the forest and the gnomes are anxious to find out who will reach the furthest parts of the woods! Various obstacles like exploding mushrooms and slowing moss will try to stop the race, but the show must go on! Swipe and spread mushrooms to the furthest reaches of the forest!

Game development started in November 2017 after success in a local hackathon “Aniversary Hacker Games: Vilnius” where “Mushrooming” ended up wining the first place in games category. With such an encouraging start our small team continued to work on the game. At that point we made a decision to change the main mechanics of the game from tapping to swiping. We had an opportunity to test our game with the local gaming community during the Global Game Jam 2018 in Vilnius. The response was encouraging and positive. After 4 months of part time development we have decided to release the BETA version of the game on GooglePlay.

  • Swipe and direct the mushroom growth
  • Challenging gameplay - various mushrooms and obstacles will get in your way
  • Randomly generated infinite map
  • Collectable berries
  • Leaderboards
  • Original music by Ignas Čeponis
  • Cute pixel art

Mobile version available on Android

Google play | Game website