It is that time of the year again. The time when we take a few days away from keyboards and screens and take a look at the long road behind our backs. However, this year the road is a bit different, longer than usual. As 2010's are crawling to their inevitable end, we wanted to look a bit further behind. To document a decade which made our team and established a lifelong obsession with games. There could not be a better way to round it off than with a short list of our most beloved titles, the ones we have played and the ones we have created.

The games we played

In order to get creative you need to get inspired in the first place. Here are the few painstakingly selected titles which captured our imagination and got our creative juices flowing:


Fez - a true inspiration type of a game which established an everlasting obsession with indie scene and pixel art.

Papers, Please - another one man indie hit, which has achieved an exceptional combo of mechanics, art, story and world design.

Minecraft - I really don't need to explain the impact of this one, do I?


Celeste - yet another indie darling, packed with exceptionally intuitive controls.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - open world games will never be the same...


Dota 2 - thousands of hours of play should prove a point or two about the complexity and skill ceiling of the game.

Prey - the best immersive sim of the decade, reminding us that single-player experiences in games are far from dead.


BioShock Infinite - a handcrafted dream world like no other.

The games we made

After experiencing such titles, one simply cannot resist the temptation to try to create something of your own. Our team formed around such urge to bring our own imagination to life. Here are the few steps we took on the road to make these dreams come true:

Manquest - the very first game created during Global Game Jam in 2016.

By the hand of God - a more ambitious entry to Global Game Jam in 2017.

Temple Groove - the game which saw the formation of our team during Hacker Games: Vilnius in 2017.

Mushrooming - a fairly successful detour to mobile gaming during another Hacker Games: Vilnius in 2017. Also our first "real release" on Google Play.

Bunny Love - yet another entry to Hacker Games: Vilnius in 2018.

The Last Drop - our latest project created during Global Game Jam in 2019.

Well, that should be enough of bragging from our side :) With all of the titles resting on their according shelves we can at long last move on to the new decade, hopefully full of new games to play and to create!

Happy holidays,

Povilas from Weekend Warriors.